The Underground

“Incredible” – Tom Cruz

“Time travelicious” – Thom Hanks

“It should be made into a movie!” – Robert Deneero

“In The Underground Bolton nails it” – Meril Streep

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*Story synopsis:

John, James, Gary and Rory of The Underground are a typical rock band… technically talented, but doomed to retirement and obscurity. That is until their lives are changed forever in September of 2012 by a passing acquaintance in rural America.

In ‘The Underground’ meet The Beatles at The Cavern Club and relive the release of some of the greatest music ever written. Be with The Underground at The Ed Sullivan Theatre where history is written and popular music changes forever. Find out how, in only two years, four Americans influenced the entire world and left the planet pondering one of the most baffling disappearances and mysteries.

It’s a story about the most important group of all time… The Underground… or as they are known today, ‘The World’s Greatest Rock & Roll Band’.

‘The Underground’ is a story about history, but you may not remember it quite this way.

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