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    Dear Sir,
    I have been watching your interviews on Fox News, nightly for years.
    I have always been very impressed by your style, insightfulness and delivery of your responses to questions.

    I am writing to you because I am just finishing a read, “HOW CIVILIZATIONS DIE and why Islam is dying too” by David Goldman.
    My question is; Have you read-it? Most of all, what did you think of it?
    I appreciate your response,
    your fan,
    David Millette

  2. Ed Barnes says:

    The US seems headed for bankruptcy even without the extravagance of “amnesty” and the “gun grabbers”. The former will spawn more “illegals” and the latter will not deter any massacre as intended. It’s simply exploiting Holder’s “never let a good crisis go to waste” and confirmation that “if guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns”. Law abiding citizens will be rendered defenseless from tyrants as well as from other criminals. Guns are harmless without the help of irresponsible humans. Registration and background checks are the “camel’s nose in the tent”.

    This is to urge you in the strongest way possible to oppose any form of “amnesty” and “gun controls”. The country can’t recover from another ultra liberal “voting block”. One evil will simply aid the other.

    Sincerely & respectfully,

    Ed Barnes

  3. Charles Gilson says:

    THANK YOU SIR, for standing tall and exposing the cabal of lying liars in Washington, both in the bendedknee press And the poisonously corrupted White House rat’s nest. My appologies to rats for the reference. God Bess You, keep up the Outstanding Truth Campaign, PLEASE!

  4. mike sawyer says:

    dear sir I have whatched you for years and admire your ability to describe a situation in plan words. As a Canadian with American roots I’m very concerned about the American President and his colleges they seem to be hell bent on bringing the county down . is this there plan to Impeach him respectfully mike sawyer

  5. C.. E. Chester says:

    SUGGESTION: That you include a U.S. Mail address on your form. What has arrived,
    providing methods for recipients to include [information theft] Phishing details in your form
    is a typical way identity thieves go about stealing contributor information by pretending to
    be a JOHN BOLTON PAC. AND you exclude contributions from those who prefer to send a check
    or postal money order in support of your efforts.

    All the best to you in your good work efforts.

    = = = = = = = =

    On 3/28/2014 8:35 AM, John Bolton wrote:
    > John Bolton PAC
    > Dear C E,
    > I never thought I’d live to see a president fail worse than Jimmy Carter – but then came Barack Obama.
    > Benghazi, Ukraine, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Afghanistan…the failures are stacking up and they all have one thing in common: Barack Obama.
    > Our biggest national security threat is Barack Obama – and it’s time we did something about it.
    > I formed John Bolton PAC for one purpose – to see that our leaders remain committed to restoring American economic and national security. There is a critical fundraising deadline approaching that will be the determining factor in how many candidates my PAC can support in 2014. Will you help us before time runs out?
    > Barack Obama doesn’t believe in the execptionalism of America. He only believes in the exceptionalism of himself and his defeatist view of America’s place in the world. Who knows…he may be more comfortable with Putin in charge, but I’m not.
    > C E, will you help me fight Barack Obama’s defeatist vision for America with an immediate contribution of $25, $50, $100 or more right away to Bolton PAC?
    > We need your help before the March 31st deadline so we can determine how many patriotic, conservative, national security-focused candidates we can send to Washington to fight against Barack Obama and restore credibility to America.
    > So, C E, can you make a contribution before this important deadline passes?
    > The amount we raise by March 31st will be watched closely. We need to post strong numbers so we can demonstrate a strong mandate that people are on our side.
    > Think about this: Obama ran promising “change we can believe in.” And what kind of change do we see now? Thanks to the embarrassing results of the Obama–Clinton–Kerry doctrine of drift, decline, and defeatism, the only change I see is that America is disrespected and disregarded now more than at any other time in our history.
    > We must return national security to the center of the political debate throughout 2014 and restore a strong Reaganite foreign policy of peace through strength.
    > So, C E, will you help me fight for American greatness by making an immediate contribution of $25, $50, $100 or more right away to Bolton PAC?
    > That is the key to success this November and beyond to ensuring America’s freedom and security in the years ahead.
    > So, C E, will you join me? I need your help before this critical deadline passes.
    > Sincerely,
    > John Bolton
    > Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations
    > John Bolton PAC

  6. bonnie somer says:

    Sir: i love listening to you say what really needs to be said that our own pres is a progressive marxist and literally is doing all that can be done to destroy the USA. It is unimaginable to me that Congress does not realize Sect 5 of the 14th amendment gives them power over the debt limit, that the pres has less power than they do, that they have power of the purse and do not have to fund anything. The amnesty they want is against Art IV Sect 4 and our fed immig laws the pres ignores, what connecticut, maryland, ny and ca are doing now is a pure violation of the 2nd amendment and how the holocaust began; the pres ending the tomahawk hellcat missle prog is a grave mistake and we need to get rid of dodd frank common core and obamacare. You sir and people like Dr Ben Carson Allen West and Trey Gowdy Mike Lee Ted Cruz Rand Paul are all people i would like to c run our govt today. OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING IS COMING MAY 16TH IN DC TYRANNY WILL END THEN w/Congress not doing their job and impeaching the pres who has committed treason by ignoring the us constitution we the people are. Is there a plan to impeach? if not why not?


    B Somer

  7. keith herzogenrath says:

    It may might be a good time to have TR and his big stick, to mediate this outrage to all Americans.
    Regards KW Herzogenrath

  8. bonnie somer says:




  9. Kelly Clover says:

    I am firmly convinced that Obama is looking out for someone else’s interests, not America’s. His constant pandering to CAIR is extremely troubling. The United Arab Emirates declared it to be a terrorist organization with very good cause. I would like to see Obama impeached and removed from office for giving aid and comfort to our enemies. I know it won’t happen. I would like to see a bill to expel CAIR from the USA. I doubt seriously that it will even be proposed.

  10. The Obama administration is so severely corrupted by CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood, it simply cannot and will not do what is right for America. I believe America faces almost certain extinction in the near future as a direct result of Obama’s policies.

  11. Marilyn Monohan says:

    Totally enjoy your daily political opinions on Fox News it seems you are the only one who can call a spade a spade in todays political madness. I don’t understand, after all that Obama has done to disrupt our country he has not been impeached yet! Maybe some people think it would be embarassing for us to impeach our President but I think it’s even more embarassing for me to think about other countries to be looking at us for putting up with a President who is hell bent on ruining our country while we stand by and let him continue to do it. It would be better to get rid of him now for treason and strip him of all physical and monetary benefits that are traditionally endowed on a retired President ex Secret Service protection etc…why should we pay him for all he has done to this country over the last seven years in every aspect, millions in monetary losses, interfearing in white/black relations and police policies etc Obama does not deserve anything from the citizens of our great country especially after bringing us to our knees for loss of American jobs…we don’t have money to throw away on him to make him comfortable after all he has done to disrupt our country.

    As to another of the Obama scandals, Benghazi, it is my suspicion that on the night of September 11th, 2012, the reason that noone knows where he was is because he was not in the White House at all. Obama was to have flown to Las Vagas the next day but I think he departed sometime on September 11th because he always thinks of fun first before the country…has anyone investigated Air Force One’s flight manifest, airport departures from Washington airport or Las Vegas arrivals?

    Please keep us inspired with your logical political comments, we need to keep hope while our country is being ripped from it’s very roots!
    May God Bless You,
    M Monohan

  12. Randy says:

    Run 2016

  13. Kendall (Ken) says:

    Would you care to weigh in on a major constitutional issue. Many Fox News and other programs hosts and reporters equate/conflate ‘Citizen’ and ‘Natural Born Citizen’. We ask your voice in countering misinformation, disinformation, misrepresentation, unsupported assertions and wishful thinking.

    We’ve been challenging news, academic and others with questions like the following: By what legal construction of historical evidence, court rulings and/or legislation, or alternately by what constitutional scholar or other authority on the subject do you equate/conflate ‘Citizen’ and ‘Natural Born Citizen’?

    The question arises from the following:

    Left-wing newsletters and blog postings are already salivating over the near-certain prospect of decertifying any non-compliant nominee in a 2016 October surprise by court challenge.

    Depending on nominee, millions of voters including myself will face a dilemma of conscience – abstain from voting or help undermine the Constitution by voting. We do remember our civic lessons and being taught the common law definition of a Natural Born Citizen (NBC), and that it requires a person be born of BOTH a citizen mother AND a citizen father so as to avoid divided national allegiances.

    Herb Titus (currently Counsel to William Olson law firm) and a few other reputable scholars confirm and continue to teach this definition. Herb has posted Youtube videos and discussed on recent radio talk shows. Others like Mario Apuzo ESQ ( have debunked the recent Harvard Law Review claiming Sen Cruz eligibility and exposed the fallacies in the infamous Congressional Research Bureau opinion letter.

    Though Senators Cruz and Rubio, and Governor Jindal appear to be honorable people and otherwise worthy of consideration, they set the stage for an epic 2016 election fiasco.

    For those who dismiss the idea that Democrats don’t know or wouldn’t use the NBC requirement as a weapon against a non-compliant Republican nominee, we counter with the following: The NBC requirement disappeared from civics lessons in the late 60s/early 70’s as ‘progressives’ gained control of education curriculum. Democrats then introduced legislative on 8 occasions beginning in 1975 to redefine/neuter the NBC definition. They challenged Sen. McCain’s NBC status in his presidential bid. They replaced ‘constitutionally eligible’ with ‘qualified’ in Obama state ballot applications. References in the Justia online database of SCOTUS cases, a web site operated by a major Dem supporter, were altered sometime during 2008 candidate races and directed researchers away from relevant rulings. And this is the short list. These efforts tacitly acknowledgement the common law definition.

    The misinformation and disinformation helped sowed reasonable doubt and otherwise shielded Obama from eligibility challenge. But now Democrats can weaponize the issue against Republicans. They’ll be able suppress votes by exacerbating the dilemma of conscience problem in campaign ads. They’ll be free to challenge any non-compliant Republican nominee in the courts so long as Obama’s status is not established in the courts or by congressional action. And Democrat leaning media may well foster public support for non-compliant Republic candidates to facilitate this outcome.

    We’d appreciate you voice in this matter. Perhaps you can educate Fox News hosts and others who are ignoring emails and historical evidence.


  14. TOM TOWLER says:

    I watch open-mouthed as you, a man who hid in the NG instead of fighting in a war you supported, cry for war with Iran; you who are little more than a puerile thug. You epitomize what the Grand Old Party has become, a sad cadre of radicals bent on turning this great nation into a caterwauling mass of children.

    Vietnam ’68

  15. These people don’t get that I’m not Ambassador Bolton.

  16. Mike Burgio says:

    Mr. Bolton what do you think Obama will do to our country in the last year of his Presidency.

    Thank you I look forward to your response.

  17. Full speed ahead, like any progressive. Gun control, globull warming executive orders, demagoguery, race baiting, false narratives and cashing in.

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