The Right Opinion – February 16th, 2016


*Chronology Of A Healing Clavicle

It has been a long road back to getting on the road with my bike. Last July 31st I took a pretty severe fall and broke my collarbone. The soft tissue damage was the worst of it… it had me sleeping in a recliner for 6 weeks. Very painful. I am currently doing physio to try to regain full motion in my left shoulder. So far I have been X-rayed 4 times while seeing an orthopedic surgeon. I think it’s interesting to see how bone heals… and how long it takes.

By the way, the weather is beautiful today in Calgary. I’m going for a ride… to my physiotherapist.

July 31st- day 1

July 31 Xray 2

September 9th

Sept 9 Xray

November 4th

Nov 4 Xray

January 27th

Jan 27th Xray -2


A few years back I took, what I consider, a terrific photo of Two Jack Lake near Banff. The view of Rundle Mountain almost perfectly mirrored in the lake is stunning. I just happened to be riding by at 7am on a cool May morning and snapped the photo on my $100 point and click Sony camera..

The other day I was back at the same spot and tried to match my photo exactly. This time in winter.

Two Jack Lake

Two Jack Lake Winter


Today on Deep Cuts & Lost Classics… May it be over… sooner before later.

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