The Right Opinion – January 28th, 2016


*The End Of Pipelines

Trudeau’s government was between a rock and a hard place with pipelines. His radical environmental supporters wanted no pipelines… no oil. Canada (Alberta) needs pipelines to get product to market. These new guidelines will effectively end pipelines in Canada as courts get jammed with endless lawsuits to keep pipelines from being built because of the environment. Meanwhile Trudeau now has cover and doesn’t need to make any decision… because, uh, uh, uh… the environment.

Pipeline projects to face new environmental regulations – CBC

    Moving forward, the environment ministry will analyze greenhouse gas emissions that would result from approving pipeline projects. The results from that study would then be presented to cabinet, which will make the final decision on whether to approve a project.

The only way pipelines don’t have greenhouse gas emissions is if the oil in them doesn’t get used.

That’s the objective of the left.

We’re screwed.

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*Suck It Up Loser

All is well… because… Happy Ways…

Link: Man evicted from hotel has ‘no place to go’ – Toronto Star

    Last weekend, he was told by hotel management that he’d have to pack up and leave again — the same week the federal government is putting up hundreds of newly landed Syrian refugees in the Plaza. Fulton isn’t the only long-term hotel tenant being evicted; there are several others, he said.
    Fulton said he was initially told he and his family had to leave by Friday, but he’s pushing Plaza staff to let him stay until Monday at least. Fulton pays $1,200 a month for his hotel room. His biggest worry now is having “no food, no shelter, no nothing,” he said.

Related: PM selfie and the refugees – Toronto Sun

    In Edmonton, Global News reported a large number of refugees arriving in Canada are “acutely ill”.
    Local hospitals are struggling to cope with the needs of many patients arriving in Canada with illnesses picked up abroad.
    According to an internal memo, a flu outbreak has “paralyzed” Alberta’s refugee resettlement agencies.
    This is what happens when you make up a refugee policy in between taking selfies.

*Progress Alberta Style

New Alberta guidelines go beyond bathroom use by transgender students – Vancouver Sun

    School dress codes should be revisited to ensure they don’t imply skirts can be worn only by females. Gender-segregated activities, including sports teams, should ensure students who are gender-diverse have the right to participate in activities congruent with their gender identity. Students should also be able to choose which washroom to use.

*The End Of Snow

    The snowpack, which the state counts on to melt in the spring to fill reservoirs and streams, hit normal levels for the first time in three years last month and has held fast throughout January, according to electronic measurements by the California Department of Water Resources.
    The water content of snow in the mountains was 113 percent of normal statewide on Wednesday. Wetter weather in the northern mountains left the snowpack there at 125 percent of normal, whereas in the drier southern part of the state it was at 96 percent.

Link: California snow levels above normal for a second month – Yahoo

*Fun With Twitter

*Good Read

Peter Foster: Anti-oil mayors are kings in Naomi Klein World – Financial Post

    Meanwhile, the rise of the mayors isn’t some chance occurrence. It is part of a strategy embodied in the notion of “subsidiarity,” the seemingly sensible notion that problems should be addressed at the lowest appropriate level. Environmental subsidiarity’s real meaning — and dangers — are more easily understood if you translate the closely related nostrum “Think globally, act locally” as “Plot globally, agitate locally.”
    The essence of Agenda 21, the late Maurice Strong’s wish list for a sustainable world, concocted at the 1992 UN conference in Rio, is control of society at every level. Its agents are environmental NGOs — of the sort that have brought the pipeline review process to a halt — and municipalities.






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