The Right Opinion – January 21st, 2016


*Oil Might Save The Alberta NDP

Timing is everything and right now the Alberta NDP’s timing sucks. Low oil prices are killing them at a time when they want to implement their left wing agenda. Higher taxes and royalty rates, carbon taxes and minimum wage hikes, massive borrowing and spending will not help right now, but that’s what they propose. Oil prices are so fluid (pardon the pun) budgeting means nothing… you can read more on that here.

Experts agree that oil prices will rebound, but what about the timing? What do you want to bet oil prices rise just in time to give the NDP what they need to take credit for a newly booming economy? Just in time to run in the next election.

Meanwhile, we have an idiot PM who thinks happy thoughts will run the economy.

We are ’resource-plus’: Naheed Nenshi not happy with Trudeau’s rebranding of Canada in Davos – National Post

Like the saying says… when your enemies are fighting each other, don’t pick sides… pray for an asteroid.

*The Religion Of Pieces

ISIL razes 1,400-year-old Christian monastery, the oldest in Iraq – National Post

    The oldest Christian monastery in Iraq has been reduced to a field of rubble, yet another victim of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’s relentless destruction of ancient cultural sites.
    For 1,400 years the compound survived assaults by nature and man, standing as a place of worship recently for U.S. troops. In earlier centuries, generations of monks tucked candles in the niches and prayed in the cool chapel. The Greek letters chi and rho, representing the first two letters of Christ’s name, were carved near the entrance.
    Now satellite photos obtained exclusively by The Associated Press confirm the worst fears of church authorities and preservationists — St. Elijah’s Monastery of Mosul has been completely wiped out.


*Affirmative Oscars

Prediction: This years Oscars will have big ratings. Not for the show, but for the race hustlers… including the host.

This is refreshing.

As Hollywood snubs black actors, our star columnist BAZ BAMIGBOYE says: Sorry, most aren’t good enough this year – Daily Mail

    It should never be the case that there must be a film representing people of colour no matter what. In an ideal world, yes, of course, art should reflect our society. This happened with the brilliant 12 Years A Slave — which won three Oscars.
    What we certainly don’t want is well-meaning tokenism — the sort of attitude: ‘Oh, look, there are some black dudes in a half-decent movie, let’s nominate them for an Academy Award.’ That’s patronising and utterly offensive.


Today on Deep Cuts & Lost Classics… the following song is filthy. I mean… really filthy. If you don’t want to hear filth, do not play the following song. You have been warned.

That said… I love this song. I have since a friend of mine (Mike Johnson) played it for me more than 30 years ago. Mike died in a car accident back in the late 80’s. He was a good friend.

Did I mention this song is filthy?

I’m not sure why the album name and artist aren’t displaying. This is Marianne Faithful from Broken English.

More later.


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