The Right Opinion – January 20th, 2016


*Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

Canada has been knocked down a few pegs on the world stage because we don’t support the war on ISIS. A group of world defense ministers are meeting in Paris to discuss the barbarity that is Islamic terrorism and we haven’t been invited. According to our defense minister it’s no big deal, blah, blah, blah. Besides… Trudeau sits with people in mosques after Christians have been slaughtered in Burkina Faso… all is well.


So what is this all about? I think it’s about the UN. The rest of the world’s defense ministers be damned, what’s really important is the political points we can make with the limp, neutered, impotent United Nations. ISIS is small potatoes in Liberal wonderland… the UN, that’s the ticket. Being soft on an Islamic terrorist group is playing to the base. What’s really important is kissing the ass of a bloated bureaucratic organization. Think of the political points we can make if we can get back on the security council. The media will love us and will have another opportunity to praise Trudeau and bash Harper. You see, he got us kicked off that limp, neutered, impotent security council… Harper is evil.

Keep your eyes on the prize folks. Any organization that would have Saudi Arabia lead it’s human rights council would surely welcome Canada back into the fold of its security council. Even if it does deny the world’s greatest threat… and probably because it does.

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*The Religion Of Getting A Piece



*2016 SUCKS!

Bowie and now Glenn Frey. What does the rest of the year have in store for us?

Glenn Frey was one of those rare musicians in a rare group. A true craftsman of popular music. His body of work speaks for itself. The world is diminished by his passing, but is blessed with his musical memories. RIP.

Sorry I’m late with this. Life gets in the way.


An interesting read: Bowie’s death marks the Twilight of the Rock Gods – Telegraph


Today on Deep Cuts & Lost Classics… something under appreciated by Henley and Frey.

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