The Right Opinion – January 8th, 2016


*The Religion Of Getting A Piece

I don’t know whether you’ve been following the story about Germany’s New Years Eve fondle fest, it has been a little hard to get the goods on this disgusting display. The essence of the story… hundreds of women were sexually abused (some raped) by groups of “southern or Arab appearance” men. This happened all over Germany.

This story has seen the light of day because of new media. It has been all but been ignored (covered up) by big media… that is until new media shed some light on the issue.

Here’s different take on the issue:

Robyn Urback on the mass sex attack in Cologne: This is rape culture – National Post

    The perpetrators — as many as 1,000 men, described as drunk and aggressive, reportedly of Arab or North African descent — obviously didn’t worry about being seen, nor did they seem to care about repercussions (to say nothing of their regard for their victims as actual people). At the time of writing, Cologne police have received 121 formal complaints, most of which were of sexual assault but also two alleged rapes, though no arrests have yet been reported. And perhaps worst of all, there was a peculiar plague of silence from German police, politicians and even some media organizations until days after the incident.

My own politically incorrect opinion on mass migration from the Middle East? The left hauls out the word neo-con when western countries try to impose democracy in countries that lie in the realm of the Arab and Muslim world. They state we can’t impose democracy where it isn’t wanted. Then why are we importing tens of thousands of these people? Do you really think we can impose our values on them here?

Some more reading on the issue. Including the blame the victim approach and blame the critics retort.

Related: Germany’s Largest Broadcaster Apologizes For Not Reporting Sexual Assault Attacks – The Daily Caller

*El Niño Sucks

The weather has been cold here in Calgary this winter. Well, colder than usual. We usually get a cold spell, but I have a feeling the warm weather from last year at this time will miss us this year.


We live in a different world from when BJ Clinton was President. The phrase ‘rape culture’ didn’t exist back then and there wasn’t a high profile Bill Cosby case to shed light on habitual sexual abuse. Whether the multiple allegations of sexual misconduct and rape will follow Bill and his complicit wife remains to be seen. The left never throws their own under the bus, so I think this one will blow over.

I understand the picture below is from a European parade. The right thinks Bill Clinton is sexual predator… the left says “way to go Bill”.



Today on Deep Cuts & Lost Classics… Here’s one you probably haven’t heard. It doesn’t get any airplay. From 1984 off of the album ‘About Face’… David Gilmour. I saw him on this tour at Massey Hall in Toronto. Great show.

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