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It’s quiet in Calgary this morning and even though plenty of controversial subjects are brewing, the biggest story is a movie and it’s big box office receipts. Which makes me think how my priorities have changed. There was a time when a new Star Wars movie would be at the top of my mind and I would be standing in line to see it in its first week. Now… I don’t want to be bothered by large noisy crowds… I can wait. Maybe the last three SW movies, which I have described as giant piles of dog shit, made me sour on the franchise. I’ll see it, but it can wait.

*Nothing To See Here

Alberta loses their top credit rating – Calgary Sun

    The downgrade mentions “low oil prices.”
    But it then goes on and mentions “projected weak budgetary performances in the next two years and moderate, but rapidly rising, tax-supported debt burden.”


    No matter. The NDP says the downgrade is all about the drop in oil prices as they spin faster than a dryer on steroids.
    They believe they’re controlling spending. They think borrowing $55 billion is conservative.

The following quotes are from Wildrose Leader Brian Jean… which scares me.

    “At first I thought they maybe didn’t know what they were doing,” says the Wildrose leader.
    “Now I’m starting to think maybe they do know what they’re doing and that’s scaring me even more.”

Brian… remember… for the NDP, ideology comes first… always.




*I’d Vote For This Guy

Deep Cuts and Lost Classics - Santa

Today on Deep Cuts and Lost Classics… an excellent instrumental of the Christmas classic.

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