The Right Opinion – December 17th, 2015



Things are getting ugly in Alberta and the combined governments of Notley and Trudeau are going to make it even uglier. The price of oil is out of their control, but additional taxes, royalties and wage hikes are going to bury this province. One thing I always say is, the left puts ideology before all else. Trying to assist the oil industry is against their politics, so they won’t. The people being ruined be damned. If oil prices don’t rise soon… it’s going to get desperate. Desperate across Canada too.

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And then there’s this: Smoke screen for Bill 36 amendments- ECA Review

    The Act enables the cabinet to set “social, economic and environmental policies” for all land in Alberta—including yours.
    This is unprecedented legislation in a western democracy. It is not regional planning, but central planning, with power entirely held by a small group of politicians who would deny landowners access to the courts in response to what they would do to them. In other words, no appeal process. Plus compensation was restricted. In other words, no appeal process. Plus compensation was restricted.

Nothing to see here: Royal LePage Foothills shuts down all 6 southern Alberta branches – Global News

Be afraid fellow Albertans.




*Cycling Advice

People often ask me what safety advice I have while cycling. I have two things I always say…

1. Wear a helmet.

2. Don’t run into any high speed trains.

Footage captures Polish cyclist collide with high speed train – Global News

Deep Cuts and Lost Classics - Santa

Today on Deep Cuts and Lost Classics… I’m having trouble with Louis Armstrong’s version of Cool Yule… so instead… Etta James.

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