The Right Opinion – December 16th, 2015


*Money For Nothing

As you know the government says it wants to bring 25,000 “refugees” to Canada. They will not do this by years end like promised and I doubt 10,000 will be here. They can’t do it because they can’t screen people fast enough and they won’t do it because they can’t find enough who want to come here. Then when we get them here it is costing you and I a fortune to house these people in hotels… because we have no place to put them.

Government bill for welcoming Syrian refugees expected to near $80 million by March – National Post

    The government has said it plans to invest $678 million over six years toward the resettlement and support of Syrian refugees.
    On Monday, Immigration Minister John McCallum said Ottawa was “working very hard” to meet its pledge to resettle 25,000 refugees by the end of February, including 10,000 by the end of the year.

I wonder if cost is even brought into the equation when discussing this program? If the government estimates cost, it usually is at least twice as much… and likely much more. The Liberal government treats your income like it belongs to them to use at their discretion… and they allow you to keep some for yourself.

The Liberals and their supporters need to be reminded regularly that the government doesn’t have money without the taxpayer. The lame stream media needs to be reminded as well.

Related: This next video is disturbing. While we bring people to Canada who have no connection to our culture or our ways, some in the following video are born in the United States.

Link: 51% of US Muslims Want Sharia Law – 25% Okay With Violence Against Infidels – Gateway Pundit

*If His Lips Are Moving…

He’s probably lying. After all… he’s a Liberal.


We’re watching.

*Follow Up

Deep Cuts and Lost Classics - Santa

Today on Deep Cuts and Lost Classics… cool. Tomorrow… Satchmo’s version.

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