The Right Opinion – December 14th, 2015


*Get Her Some Help

I guess George Lucas is a racist now… it only took 38 years, but Melissa Harris Perry, the faunt of all wisdom, has exposed the great movie maker for what he really is. Not only that, but he has duped millions of us into being closet racists as well. Blacks even bought the whole lie and celebrated the wonderfulness of Hollywood wizardry. I might even be so bold as to suggest that you, reader of this blog, are a racist as well. Shame on you.

I was thinking the Blake Lives Matter kooks might show up tonight at the Star Wars Premiere to protest, but who the hell watches MSNBC? Thanks to Newsbusters for doing the dirty work so we don’t have too.

*Follow the Money

“Global warming is about people who live large telling the rest of us how to live small” • John R. Bolton

Climate deal requires $16.5 trillion investment to cut pollution – Live Mint


    To accomplish that, governments will have to offer incentives for clean energy production, scale back support for fossil fuels like oil, make emissions more costly, and reduce deforestation. The changes will touch industries from transport to construction, and encourage people to change their behaviour.

This is social engineering on a global scale.

    The new deal doesn’t take effect until 2020. Over the next five years, governments will have to complete the rules for the various mechanisms set up in the agreement on transparency and technology transfer. It won’t come into force until at least 55 parties, accounting for 55% of global emissions, have ratified it.

That means more big parties for the people who live large, while millions see energy costs rise and some freeze to death in the cold.

Britain is freezing to death – Express

*Bait & Switch

Deficits are soooo yesterday…. debt to GDP ratio…. that’s the ticket.

Liberal deficits could hit $25 billion and still honour their ‘fiscal anchor’ –

    By targeting debt-to-GDP, the Liberals could instead be prepared to run annual deficits of up to $25 billion in the coming years and still lower the ratio — as long as the economy grows at a decent pace, economists say.

That’s $100 billion dollars in deficit over 4 years folks.

If Liberals actually told us what they were going to do… no one would ever vote for them.



Deep Cuts and Lost Classics - Santa

Today on Deep Cuts and Lost Classics… a great countrified version of a Christmas classic.

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