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Donald Trump has really opened up a can of worms with his suggestion that Muslims shouldn’t be allowed into the United States. The left and right are turning themselves inside out to condemn him. Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan did his best to try to separate Republicans from the Trumpster yesterday, but says he’ll support the party nominee. I assume that means he’ll support Trump, if he’s the man.

It has been interesting to hear and see some people, pundits and politicians come out in favour of what Trump has said.

Pausing immigration in the United States has plenty of precedent. From the 20’s until 1965 there was no immigration at all in the United States.

Andy McCarthy from National Review was on Mark Levin’s show last night and described Islam in the following way.

Here’s more from McCarthy.

Trump’s Muslim Immigration Ban Should Touch Off a Badly Needed Discussion – National Review

Unfortunately ‘discussion’ is now shouting down and maligning your opponent if you disagree with his or her opinion.

More: Did Trump Just Win? – Wall Street Journal (paywall)

One more thing: Shouldn’t we be having this discussion in Canada?

*Glad He’s On My Side

US Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation – Mark Steyn testimony


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I am starting to see comments online about how fast the Alberta NDP is moving on issues. Bill 6, climate change/global warming/extreme weather. I’m not surprised… Progressives will push, push, push to get things passed quickly. The faster they do things, the more off kilter the opposition. Expect a lot more from the Alberta NDP. Their time in power in this province is already running down and they will ingrain as much legislation as they can in the time they have left.

Notley NDP limits Bill 6 debate as Alberta legislature gets rough and rowdy – Calgary Sun

    It is a day where the Notley NDP government clearly has had enough of the bare-knuckles brawling, the political temperature ever rising as the aggravation intensifies.
    They want to get what they need done, they want it done pronto and then they want to high-tail it out of Dodge for a Yuletide reprieve.

Braid: New Paris climate target could hit Alberta hard – Calgary Herald




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Deep Cuts and Lost Classics - Santa

Today on Deep Cuts and Lost Classics… This isn’t heard enough at Christmas. Sing along with Lorne.

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