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I can’t believe the lengths people will go through to deny fact these days. They will twist themselves into pretzels to try to convince themselves there is nothing to worry about, or in the case of the recent Islamic terrorist attacks, that the people doing the killing aren’t what they say they are. That would be… shhh…. Muslims. I heard someone recently make a comment that ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was an Islamic cleric who attended Islamic schools and studied Islam… he thinks he’s a Muslim… what are your credentials to say he isn’t?

Which brings us to the latest case of hashtag diplomacy.


I’m sure they’ll believe that right up until the moment someone stabs them in the back.

Defiant Londoners use #YouAintNoMuslimBruv after terrorist incident at Tube station – The Standard

Here’s real defiance.

Imagine if Churchill’s response to Hitler was… #YouAintNoNaziBruv. Auf Wiedersehen Britain.

Related: Prepare to be lectured.

Obama to deliver rare Oval Office address Sunday on terror threat – The Hill

This lecture will be about terrorism, but it won’t be the kind you’re thinking about. He’ll show who he really thinks the threat is… Republicans… then he’ll blame everything on them for their support of the 2nd amendment. This lecture is about gun control.

If he talks about real terrorism at all… he’ll be wrong. How do I know? His track record isn’t very good.

Final thought: And he’ll make some comments about Islam isn’t the problem and speaking out against the problem isn’t the American way.

*Watch Out

If Trudeau acts like Wynne, watch out Canada – Toronto Sun

    When pondering whether Trudeau’s currently optimistic path could likewise sour, it’s important to consider just how closely linked Trudeau’s setup is to Kathleen Wynne’s.
    Ideologically, Trudeau and Wynne are tied at the hip. She is his political godmother. While the prime minister has previously said he’s more of a Wilfrid Laurier Liberal than a Pierre Trudeau Liberal — he actually got his signature “sunny ways” phrase from the 7th prime minister — in all practical purposes he’s really a Wynne Liberal.


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