The Right Opinion – December 2nd, 2015


*Nanny State

I have been very consistent over the decades with my opinion on childcare. I have had knock down drag out arguments with people, some of them conservative, about it. It is simply this. If you can’t afford to have children, don’t have them and it is not my responsibility to raise your children. It is not my job to fund your mistake of conception. That’s why the following story disgusts me. Even more disgusting? The loonie left that is defending Trudeau like he is some kind of prince, prima donna, person of privilege. 4 more years of this BS. I don’t think I can take it.


    Something about this feels wrong, particularly given the ceremony with which Mr. Trudeau announced he was donating to charity the $3,400 child benefit his family received under the previous government’s policies. A few weeks later, firmly ensconced in a job that pays $330,000 a year, he is accepting far greater public largesse. If something feels like hypocrisy, that may be because it is.

Link: The PM’s nannies: In politics, people remember the little things – Globe & Mail


If Trudeau will easily lie and take your money over thousands of dollars, how much do you want to bet he’s lied about millions… billions?

Those of us with long memories about Liberals don’t trust them as far as we can throw them. *

Prediction: Trudeau will throw a love in press conference, claim it was all a mistake and all will be good in bend over, grab your ankles land.

*Last Man Standing

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For those of you tired of being fed global warming Pablum.

*Steak Is For Taxpayers

1 minute and 17 seconds you do not want to miss.

Deep Cuts and Lost Classics - Santa

Today on Deep Cuts & Lost Classics… I love Christmas music… this is one of my favourites. It reminds me of my family and home in Sarnia.

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