The Right Opinion – May 3rd, 2012

* The Right Opinion

– I’m going to keep things relatively short today. I’ve decided to finish my book. It’s something I’ve been working at for over a year and I’ve never really focused on getting it done. I won’t say too much about it, but I will say it involves some of my favourite topics.

– Another reason to keep things short? I’m working on my column for It should be posted online in the next 24 hours.

* Another nail for the global warming coffin.

Global warming policies might be bad for your health

    Poverty is a Much Larger Public Health Threat than Global Warming
    • The contribution of diseases of poverty (e.g., underweight, malnutrition,
    unsafe water, poor sanitation and hygiene) to the global burden of death
    and disease is currently 70–80-fold larger than that of global warming. (Table
    2; Figure 1; WHO 2009)
    • Deaths from diseases of poverty and excess winter mortality are real
    (WHO 2009; Falagas 2009), whereas those from global warming are based
    on hypotheses and models which short-circuited the scientific method and
    have not been tested rigorously (McMichael et al. 2004, p. 1546).

* Wikipedia is not a reliable source.

Obama ‘Forward’ campaign slogan inspires Wikipedia editing war – The Daily Caller

My favourite part of the story?

    But for every attempt to be somewhat serious, another relied on stand-up comedy.
    “Seriously, what a strange slogan,” one nameless editor wrote Wednesday evening. “You’d think they’d want to go backwards… back to when people had jobs… back to when health care was affordable… back before Obama ate Bo cause he had the munchies.”

* These people are insane!

It’s hard to imagine someone actually producing this.

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Today on Deep Cuts & Lost Classics… This weeks theme. Women who rock. Today Grace Slick and Jefferson Starship.
Jefferson Starship – Stranger

More later.


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