The Right Opinion – April 30th, 2012

* The Right Opinion

– Off for a doctors appointment this morning. I’m going for a physical. I was thinking how this might affect my health. Or maybe how not going to see a doctor for a physical in Ontario might have adversely affected my health. In Ontario I avoided the doctor like the plague because of the waiting I had to go through to get to see one. Imagine how this inaction might have affected me down the road. Imagine how many people miss being diagnosed each year because they do the same thing. Instead of a relatively inexpensive check-up, they end up spending thousands on treatment. I have never had a full check-up before. It will be interesting to see how my cholesterol and blood work comes out.

– I’ve posted a couple of stories today about the Conservative government. They’re in a virtual dead heat with the NDP in recent polls. One thing that isn’t discussed about party support is that you won’t find too many Conservative voters switching to the NDP, but NDP supporters might jump ship and go to the Libs… and vice versa. You will never find me voting for any party that wants a national child care program or thinks we need to save the world from global warming. I find those things more threatening than a $16 glass of orange juice.

– What do you do with ministers that misspend taxpayers money? Ya throw da bums out!

– I haven’t noticed too many people commenting about hockey on Twitter. Now that the Senators are gone, very few seem to care about the game. I always wondered how NFL Football managed to create such excitement about their league. People look forward to games whether their team is playing or not.

– I noticed Twitter is down this morning. I like Twitter. I visit it everyday. I’m still thinking about dumping Facebook… I hardly ever use it. Sheila says I should just purge it of a few hundred people I have accepted as friends… She may be right.

* This just gets better all the time.

The cure is worse than the disease.

Cuisinart of the sky.

Wind farms can cause climate change, finds new study – Telegraph

    “Wind energy is among the world’s fastest growing sources of energy. The US wind industry has experienced a remarkably rapid expansion of capacity in recent years,” he said. “While converting wind’s kinetic energy into electricity, wind turbines modify surface-atmosphere exchanges and transfer of energy, momentum, mass and moisture within the atmosphere. These changes, if spatially large enough, might have noticeable impacts on local to regional weather and climate.”
    The study, published in Nature, found a “significant warming trend” of up to 0.72C (1.37F) per decade, particularly at night-time, over wind farms relative to near-by non-wind-farm regions.

What’s next, solar panels are giant magnifying glasses that warm The Earth?

Related: The sorry lessons of green-power subsidies – Globe & Mail

    Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty has predicted that the subsidies will propel Ontario to a world-leading position in green-power technology, creating thousands of jobs. Sadly, the Fraser study shows quite the opposite as the province’s already beleaguered manufacturing heartland sees its former electricity-cost advantage transformed into a competitive millstone.
    Ontario isn’t the only place where grand green-power dreams have turned into a nightmare.

* Must’ve been good OJ.

By this logic a couple of croissants will do the Liberals in.

Tory stumbles and NDP strength spell trouble for Liberals – Globe & Mail

    A federal minister paying top dollar for a glass of nutritious orange juice at a luxe hotel she moved to so she could smoke is not only great irony. It may have briefly been the most hazardous episode yet to the political health of the Conservatives.

I think this is part of a master plan by the Conservatives. Stealth destruction of a political party with citrus fruit.

More: $16 glass of OJ a symbol of government excess – The Chronicle Herald

* Naturally.

Direct from Kookyfornia.

New Calif. Law Would Ban Texting While Biking; What’s Next? – CBS Los Angeles

What’s next? No texting while walking, of course.

As you would expect.

* Tickets anyone?


Titanic II: Australian billionaire says replica ship will set sail in 2016 – Globe & Mail

    “It will be every bit as luxurious as the original Titanic, but … will have state-of-the-art 21st-century technology and the latest navigation and safety systems,” Mr. Palmer said in a statement. He called the project “a tribute to the spirit of the men and women who worked on the original Titanic.”

Today on Deep Cuts & Lost Classics… This week… chicks that rock. Today a song written by Bruce Springsteen, but given real life by a lady rocker. Enjoy.
Patti Smith – Because The Night

More later.


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