The Right Opinion – January 22nd, 2012

* The Right Opinion.

– I see there is talk of a condo development in Cornwall beside the Civic Complex. It will be discussed at city council on Monday night. I have a feeling this idea will go over like a lead balloon. There are still too many backward thinkers in the city who feel Lamoureux Park should be passive. It’s passive alright. Does anyone else remember when the Chamber of Commerce offered the city a hundred thousand or so dollars to build a tourist info booth in the park? It was in the mid 90’s. People complained it would block their view of the river and the idea was killed. I commented that the St. Lawrence River is 1000 kms long… must be a big booth. Maybe someone else remembers this. I’ll bet Chris Savard would know. I think he was with the Chamber at the time.

Personally, I think it’s a great idea if it’s done properly.

More: Proposed waterfront homes next to Civic Complex, Marina 200 –

– So the Newt won in South Carolina? On to Florida. I wonder how John King is going to feel if Newt turns out to be the next president? There’s a lesson to be learned here by every politician on the right. Don’t let the left wing media get away with anything. Call them out on their liberal bias. Watch for this to be a continuing theme as the Republican battle continues.

– To the liberals who think the Republican race is in a shambles because it’s going on too long… remember this. Barack Obama didn’t clinch until June.

– Interesting how Canada has become an issue in the US election. Interesting how important we are to the US. Interesting how Americans are learning the name of our Prime Minister. Interesting how they almost need us more than we need them. My how things have changed.

Newt gives PM a nod in victory speech – Toronto Sun

– I’ve heard so many liberals in the United States wrongfully say conservatives are racist because they oppose Obama. They accused whites of voting for McCain, simply because he’s white (or he’s not black). Then I see a tweet like this and I have a question…

If minorities (blacks) vote predominantly for Obama because he’s black… are they racists?

* Liberal whiners.

On the 18th I posted the video below that was produced by The National Citizen’s Coalition. I said it didn’t tell me anything about Bob Rae I didn’t already know. The Liberals must have been unaware of Rae’s disastrous Ontario past because they took offence. Lorrie Goldstein has great article today about the vid and he reinforces my stance on why public sector employees shouldn’t be in unions.

Attack ad double standards – Toronto Sun

    Yawn. Compare this tempest in a teapot to what’s been going on in Ontario for the past decade.
    Here, well-organized, left-wing groups like the Working Families Coalition (WFC), funded largely by public sector unions that rely for their pay hikes on Premier Dalton McGuinty, have spent millions of dollars doing the Liberals’ dirty work, by running ads attacking Conservative leaders Tim Hudak, John Tory and Ernie Eves, before and during the last three elections.
    All three were defeated, although last time out, McGuinty lost his majority.

Alberta has a similar problem. Premier Alison Redford got the PC leadership based on a “bribe” to a teachers union. She promised to reinstate funding of $107 million within days of her election as leader of the party. Voila! She won and gave the money back. Her entire leadership is based on support from a union. I wonder if she’ll play hardball in negotiations with teachers if she wins the spring election?

She needs too after this report.

Public sector employee costs skyrocket in Alberta, study finds – Vancouver Sun

    By 2010, the wages and salaries per Alberta civil servant was $83,326, a 103 per cent over a decade earlier. The national average only went up 40 per cent.

I had Lorne Gunter from The National Post on the air the other night talking about this. Now the Post Editorial Board weighs in.

Related: National Post editorial board: A wage cut for Alberta’s future – National Post

* The fall of the American empire? (Via: small dead animals)

This is an absolutely amazing article about the decline of the United States. Being married and religious served people well in the past… it’s absence is dragging us down. A study on how two different sections of society are coping.

The New American Divide – Wall Street Journal

    When Americans used to brag about “the American way of life”—a phrase still in common use in 1960—they were talking about a civic culture that swept an extremely large proportion of Americans of all classes into its embrace. It was a culture encompassing shared experiences of daily life and shared assumptions about central American values involving marriage, honesty, hard work and religiosity.
    Over the past 50 years, that common civic culture has unraveled. We have developed a new upper class with advanced educations, often obtained at elite schools, sharing tastes and preferences that set them apart from mainstream America. At the same time, we have developed a new lower class, characterized not by poverty but by withdrawal from America’s core cultural institutions.

* Losing touch with reality.

Instead of being concerned about people avoiding high crime areas, the NAACP should be concerned about high crime areas.

App That Would Guide Users Away From High-Crime Areas Proves Controversial – CBS

    Tommy Jones, who works downtown, said an app like Microsoft’s could hurt a city’s economy.
    “From a business standpoint, it could be devastating,” he said. “Especially in the area of tourism.”

I take it back. Maybe this isn’t such a good idea and tourism could suffer. I really wouldn’t want people to miss the amazing collection of chalk outlines in inner city’s across America.

Here’s a work around if the APP doesn’t come to market.

I call it the ‘No Cap APP.

Today on ‘Deep Cuts & Lost Classics’… A little rockin’ country.
Travis Tritt – Put Some Drive In Your Country

More later.


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