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* The Right Opinion.

– As I tweeted on Wednesday and posted yesterday Chiquita is boycotting oil sands oil. It has something to do with global warming and some enviro-wacko organization. Apparently the greenies are putting the screws to the banana people and they’ve buckled. A few things are wrong with this plan by the Chiquitas.

1. How will they know what fuel has been made from oil sands oil?
2. Do they prefer to use fuel from countries that kill homosexuals and discriminate against women.
3. Would Chiquita prefer to use oil from countries that export terrorism?
4. Do they think shipping that oil from countries that don’t have the environmental standards of Canada is a good thing?
5. Perhaps shipping oil around the world in big ships on the ocean is perfectly safe?
6. Maybe they like to get their fuel from countries that don’t like them?

All of these things make our oil the best oil in the world. One final thought… I don’t like rabid fundamentalist environmentalists at all. They are bad for western society, but I do want to sell them our oil because its good for our economy, it creates jobs, pays for our health care system and other essential programs and it is ethical. Plus, I’d love to see them choke on all of that good oil. That’s why you should e-mail chiquita. and tell them you’re not going to buy their products until they smarten up. Be respectful and brief.

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Listen to the Ethical Oil boycott commercial.
Ethical Oil commercial

Boots, Calli and Smokey. I call this photo 'Damn screen".

– One week ago I flew to Calgary with my 3 cats Smokey, Mr. Boots and Calli. We all came on a WestJet flight out of Ottawa. Because Smokey is very sensitive I chose to bring her onto the plane to fly with me in the cabin. The other two cats were put in a special place for pets. Luckily everything went fine and we all arrived safely and happy. Now I get this from my friend Bill Kingston at                                                                                           

    Hey John, aren’t you lucky you got out to Calgary when you did…I saw this on the wire this morning…Hope everything is going well. Bill.
    OTTAWA – The Asthma Society of Canada is welcoming a tribunal’s ruling that will require Air Canada and WestJet to restrict cats in their passenger cabins.
    The Canadian Transportation Agency has ruled the two airlines must protect passengers who are allergic to cats.
    It’s suggesting either a ban on cats aboard flights carrying allergic passengers, or cat-free buffer zones and effective ventilation.
    Society president Robert Oliphant calls it a victory for allergy and asthma sufferers.
    The ruling follows complaints from three allergic passengers.
    Both airlines now allow small pets to travel in the cabin on many flights, although not on some international routes.
    The airlines are required to advise the agency within 30 days whether or not they intend to implement one of two proposed solutions.
    They say they’re studying the ruling.

Lucky indeed. I wonder how long it will be before one or two people object to perfume or deodorant and we’ll all be forced to reek of B.O.?

Thanks for the story Bill.

– I’ve been following the goings on of the political scene in the United States quite closely. I blogged the other day on why Obama can’t run on his record (food stamps, homelessness, unemployment), so he’ll run on demonizing the rich. When you think of it… isn’t it sad when you have a portion of society that dislikes when people are successful? Isn’t it sad when The President of The United States is one of them?

For those of you who haven’t seen this. Here’s Adam Carolla’s take on Occupy envy.

Warning! NSFW. Profanity!


* Old lady = jail. Squatters = Time Magazine.

The old lady: Anti-abortion activist Linda Gibbons arrested at Toronto clinic for once again defying court order – National Post

    Since 1994, when a temporary injunction forbade protesters to get within 150 metres of several Toronto abortion clinics, Ms. Gibbons has continually broken the ban with her one-woman protests. She routinely holds a sign with a drawing of a baby with the words: “Why Mom? When I Have So Much Love to Give.”

The squatters: Time’s Person of the Year is a wimp – Marketwatch

    This year’s generic choice of “The Protester” is a clear sign nobody in America really accomplished anything in 2011, beyond just whining.

Toronto police clean up trash after evicting Occupy Toronto squatters.

Personal note: The old lady should get an award for persistence.

Related: "Occupy" A Media Creation Unworthy Of Time’s Person Of The Year – Investor's Business Daily

    But it’s all rubbish. Occupy Wall Street — the unkempt campout of the same old rent-a-radicals calling for redistribution of wealth — was largely a media-generated phenomenon whose significance ends there.

* XL is not dead.

The Republicans are forcing Obama`s hand over the XL pipeline. They have attached it to a spending bill that includes tax cuts for the middle class. Remember how the President said he would veto any bill that included XL? Remember how he tried to save his second term in office by pushing the decision until after the 2012 election? Not so fast! That oil may be going through.

Oh my: Obama ready to cave on veto threat over Keystone pipeline provision? – Hot Air

    White House spokesman Jay Carney declined several opportunities to say that President Barack Obama would veto the tax cut if it contained language aimed at expediting the Canada-to-Texas Keystone XL pipeline project. Obama last week said he would reject efforts to tie the pipeline to the payroll tax…
    Carney told reporters he would not comment on what language regarding the pipeline would be acceptable to the president.

Good on the Republicans for their strategy. As you’ll read in the article, the oil pipeline may still be cancelled, but Obama will be forced to make a decision on it before next November.

This is a huge issue in Alberta. The pipeline would bring billions into the economy in this province and in Canada. All of the oil would help pay to keep Ontario afloat, for instance.

Update: Senate Approves 2-Month Payroll Tax Cut, Keystone Pipeline – Big Government

* Appeaser in chief.

When I read this I’m reminded of the line at the top of the page of the small dead animals website. “Pleasing your enemies does not turn them into friends.” I’m also reminded of why Krauthammer is necessary reading.

Charles Krauthammer: Obama turns the other cheek. Again and again – National Post

    Obama imagined that his silver tongue and exquisite sensitivity to Islam would persuade the mullahs to give up their weapons program. Amazingly, they resisted his charms, choosing instead to become a nuclear power. The negotiations did nothing but confer legitimacy on the regime at its point of maximum vulnerability — and savagery.
    For his exertions, Obama earned (a) continued lethal Iranian assistance to guerrillas killing Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan, (b) a plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador by blowing up a Washington restaurant, (c) the announcement just this week by a member of parliament of Iranian naval exercises to shut down the Strait of Hormuz, (d) undoubted Chinese and Russian access to a captured U.S. drone for the copying and countering of its high-tech secrets.
    How did Obama answer that one?
    On Monday, he politely asked for the drone back.
    On Tuesday, with Putin-like contempt, Iran demanded that Obama apologize instead. “Obama begs Iran to give him back his toy plane,” revelled the semiofficial Fars News Agency.

* Oh joy, oh bliss.

Canadians allowed to work longer, past 65 – Breitbart

    The change affects only jobs under federal jurisdiction, but all others except the province of New Brunswick have already moved to nix their respective mandatory retirement laws.

* Just look at that ice surface.

Link: Video: Ultimate pond hockey game played on massive ice surface in Yukon – Calgary Herald

* It always brings a tear to my eye.

This is simply the most heartwarming scene in any Christmas movie. From the original ‘Miracle on 34th Street’.

Today on ‘Deep Cuts & Lost Classics’… Something new on video. Santa’s a Canadian.

More later.


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