The Right Opinion – December 4th, 2011

* I will not rest.

That was then:

This is now:

President Obama to jet off to Hawaii for SEVENTEEN-DAY Christmas holiday – Mail Online

    The White House travel office announced the president has no public events scheduled for the trip.

I wonder if he’ll get any rest?

* I wish Suzuki would give his mouth a rest.

Here’s a follow up to the post from the post of December 2nd titled ‘Vile’.

Rex Murphy: Give us money or Santa gets it – National Post

    I don’t want to be around for the Easter campaign: “Kids, we’ve got the bunny. If you want to see old floppy ears again …”
    Remember: It’s all for global warming, so it has to be ethical.

* Just sell your damn product!

And stop trying to push an agenda.

Coca Cola drops 'polar bear' cans because consumers prefer to see red – The Telegraph

    The cans featured the company’s iconic logo in red, set against an all-white background and featuring a picture of three polar bears plodding through the snow, in what the company described as a “bold, attention-grabbing” move to publicise conservation efforts by the World Wildlife Fund.
    “We’re turning our cans white because turning our backs wasn’t an option,” read the campaign logo, with the company urging buyers to make $1 donations to the cause, which it pledged to match up to the value of $1 million, to help protect polar bear habitats.

Enviro-wackos can’t count: Federal Polar Bear Research Critically Flawed, Forecasting Expert Asserts – Science Daily

    Professor J. Scott Armstrong of the Wharton School says, “To list a species that is currently in good health as an endangered species requires valid forecasts that its population would decline to levels that threaten its viability. In fact, the polar bear populations have been increasing rapidly in recent decades due to hunting restrictions. Assuming these restrictions remain, the most appropriate forecast is to assume that the upward trend would continue for a few years, then level off.

* Yawn!

The NDP are looking for a new leader. Just a few thoughts as the 9 hopefuls get ready to debate for the position of the leader of the opposition. The NDP made great strides in the last election……….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Debate giving NDP candidates chance to shine – Ottawa Citizen

Today on ‘Deep Cuts & Lost Classics’… The best version ever.
Arthur Fiedler – Sleigh Ride

More later.


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  1. Just think, if Barack Hussein Obama just created stimulus by building golf courses, it would be an epic Win-Win.

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