The Right Opinion – August 27th

* Breaking news.

Hurricane? New Yorkers soak up the beach – Yahoo

    Roberto Luzuriaga, who was making a brisk business selling Italian Ice desserts to swimmers straight off the sand, echoed the views of many when he said that authorities’ warnings were at times self-serving.
    “It definitely is a concern, but sometimes things are blown out of proportion. Sometimes the people who make the calls just want to save their asses,” said Luzuriaga, who is still debating whether to leave his nearby home.

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* Did Christie Blatchford piss you off?

Then swallowing the following bitter pill will kill you.

Doesn’t the unvarnished truth feel better than the tripe served to you by the talking heads at the CBC?

Here’s what the left thinks. This had me rolling on the floor. He does look like Timmy from South Park. (Via: Blazing Cat Fur)

* Heads – watch the Layton funeral… tails – watch New York get nailed by Irene.

Hurricane Irene: New Yorkers prepare for 'historic hurricane' – Montreal Gazette

It’s tails.

* More on the party Jack built. It’s more unvarnished truth.

Excellent read.

The alternative to reality – National Post

    This year, Gilles Duceppe mislaid his sense of timing, blundered dangerously toward separatism and gave Quebec a reason, at last, to vote for the New Democrats: They were Not the Bloc. That’s now part of an ancient pattern. The NDP is alt. politics. It’s the alternative to other parties, but it’s also an alternative to reality.

* Kinky for Perry.

Kinky Friedman said something on TV one night that I will never forget. He said, “Never forget what politics stands for. Poli – meaning many… and tics – meaning blood sucking parasites”. Now the Jewish Cowboy has come out and endorsed the next President of the United States Rick Perry. I now have another quote to remember.

    “Obama has done for the economy what pantyhose did for foreplay.”

Kinky Friedman and Rick Perry

Kinky for Perry – The Daily Beast

* Another brilliant ‘Klavan On the Culture’.

Advice for pundits. I’m taking notes.

Link: Klavan On the Culture

* After Steve Jobs resignation.

After the Resignation – TMZ

    This picture of Steve Jobs was taken today — two days after he resigned as the head honcho of Apple.
    In his resignation letter, Jobs said, the day finally came when he could no longer perform his duties.

JRB: We wish him well.

* Afterburner with Bill Whittle: Rich Man, Poor Man

(Via: small dead animals)

* Tweet of the week. A zinger if I ever read one.

Related: ESPN 'reminds' Azinger to lay off tweets about President Obama – USA Today

    On Friday ESPN ‘reminded” Azinger his venture into political punditry violates the company’s updated social network policy for on-air talent and reporters.
    “Paul’s tweet was not consistent with our social media policy, and he has been reminded that political commentary is best left to those in that field,” spokesman Andy Hall told Game On! in a statement.

* Debunking “green jobs” is like shooting fish in a barrel.

America’s Green Quagmire – Jonah Goldberg – National Review Online

    As for the windfall in green jobs, that has always been a con job.
    For instance, Barack Obama came into office insisting that Spain was beating the U.S. in the rush for green jobs. Never mind that in Spain — where unemployment is now at 21 percent — the green-jobs boom has been a bust. One major 2009 study by researchers at King Juan Carlos University found that the country destroyed 2.2 jobs in other industries for every green job it created, and the Spanish government has spent more than half a million euros for each green job created since 2000. Wind-industry jobs cost a cool 1 million euros apiece.

I’m sure the left will continue to strive for Utopia. They will fail miserably.

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* The only green job the US has created… shut down.

Shutdown Twelve-Year-Old’s Green Tea Stand –

    After hearing a little more from my stepson and talking to the town police, I discovered that it was the Massachusetts State Police that broke up our lemonade stand. After attempting several times to contact the State Police, I reached only answering machines. Apparently, having someone on call on weekends is not in the Massachusetts State Police’s budget (but breaking up lemonade stands is somehow cost-effective).

Related: The Government War On Kid-Run Concession Stands – Freedom Center of Missouri

* Enviro-wacko Alert!

Corbella: Don't arrest Greenpeace protestors at Ottawa anti-oilsands event – Calgary Herald

    The next question was: “How do you plan to get there?”
    Radical environmentalists hate that question. After about a five second pause, he said: “Uh, I haven’t determined that yet. We are organizing rides for sure for people.”
    “Are you going to fly?” I ask. “No,” said Hudema. “I’m not sure yet how I’ll get there, like I said, I don’t know my travel arrangements yet but I definitely know, you know, that when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions and you’re looking at the tarsands’ 2008 emissions, which are at 37.2 million tonnes, which is equivalent to about nine million cars on the road, it’s going to be significantly less than that.”
    Hmmm? Organizers of the event hope tens of thousands of Canadians and Americans from across the continent converge upon Ottawa – flying and driving there – to send the message to Ottawa that they want to close down the very place that created the fuel that drives their planes, trains and automobiles, not to mention the entire Canadian economy.

* Ontario next please.

B.C. votes to scrap HST – National Post

    British Columbians, led by former premier Bill Vander Zalm, launched an anti-HST petition in April 2010 to force the government to hold the referendum.
    Vander Zalm said shortly after the results were announced that the loss of the HST should have little impact on the province.
    “I think the government can manage. We’ve always managed without the HST,” he said. “As it is now, the Prairie provinces — the provinces without the HST — are doing better economically, better in job creation than we are in this province, and probably Ontario and everywhere else in the country. We can do without it.”

You can hear an interview with former Premier Bill Vander Zalm by clicking on ‘John’s Audio Archive’ above. I spoke to him when he started his fight against the HST.

* Yeah, I am happy to see you and yes that is a snake in my pants.

Today on ‘Deep Cuts & Lost Classics’… When posting about the futility of “green jobs” the following thought came to mind. Is anybody listening? This deep cut is the result.
Supertramp – If Everyone Was Listening

More Later.


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