The Right Opinion – July 26th

* More on Jack Layton’s shocking message and his state of health.

Layton's cancer fight raises concerns for NDP – Power Play

    Whatever undisclosed tumours are suddenly infecting him, it is clearly an insidious, vicious, weight-sucking parasite.
    Layton insists he will only step aside for 10 weeks of active treatment before returning in mid-September, his parliamentary dukes raised against the government.
    But while the power of positive thinking is vital for Layton’s speedy recovery, his shockingly fast physical deterioration is cause for extreme doubt that he’ll be back on duty by late summer.

Related: Chris Selley: Layton’s bravado untempered despite diagnosis – National Post

    And then there he was, leaning heavily on his cane, his suit hanging off him, his face gaunt and caked in television makeup. I heard someone say “Jesus,” and realized it was me…

* For proof of the following story’s headline, read his speech about the debt crisis in the US.

CURL: Is Obama a pathological liar? – The Washington Times

    His late-evening news conference Friday was a tour de force of flat-out, unadulterated mendacity — and we’ve gotten a first-hand insider’s view of the president’s long list of lies.
    “I wanted to give you an update on the current situation around the debt ceiling,” Mr. Obama said at 6:06 p.m. OK, that wasn’t a lie — but just about everything he said after it was, and he knows it.

Speaker John Boehners speech

    You know, I’ve always believed, the bigger government, the smaller the people. And right now, we have a government so big and so expensive it’s sapping the drive of our people and keeping our economy from running at full capacity.
    The solution to this crisis is not complicated: if you’re spending more money than you’re taking in, you need to spend less of it.

* I am addicted to riding my bike… is that a disability? This story really makes you shake your head. Or maybe, to be more accurate, bang your head.

Metalhead gets disability pay for heavy-metal ‘addiction’ – Globe & Mail

    Roger Tullgren, 42, says he consulted three psychologists to obtain statements confirming the depth of his heavy-metal dependency.
    “I have been trying for 10 years to get this classified as a handicap,” he told a reporter.
    The heavily tattooed metalhead says his compulsion to attend up to 300 concerts last year left him out of work and on welfare.

Today on ‘Deep Cuts & Lost Classics’… The vocal on this song is the result of a lot of JD and cigarettes.
Robbie Robertson – Somewhere Down the Crazy River

More Later.


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