The Right Opinion – July 23rd

* RIP Amy Winehouse. It’s sad to say, but I’m not surprised.

Troubled diva Amy Winehouse dead at 27 – AP

    LONDON (AP) — Few artists summed up their own career in a single song – a single line – as well as Amy Winehouse. “They tried to make me go to rehab,” she sang on her world-conquering 2006 single, “Rehab.” “I said ‘No, no no.”

* Cadel Evans will ride into Paris tomorrow the Tour de France Champion after a blistering ride in today’s time trial. Andy and Frank Schleck will also be on the podium.

* 57 seconds separate the top 3 riders in this years Tour de France. Leading the race is Andy Schleck followed by brother Frank at 53 seconds and Cadel Evans at 57 seconds. Anything could happen and it could be one of the closest finishes in history. Today’s time trial is going to be wild. Lance Armstrong weighed in on Twitter yesterday.

The profile might favour Andy Schleck.

For the record… here is a recap of the closest tour finish ever. 8 seconds by Greg Lemond over Laurent Fignon.

* Those poor Liberals just don’t get any breaks and Canadian voters have long memories.

Key figure in sponsorship scandal set to become witness – Globe & Mail

    Mr. Corriveau was at the centre of major revelations involving cash payments and secret political donations at the 2005 Gomery inquiry, where he was identified in the final report as a “central figure in an elaborate kickback scheme.” However, the 78-year-old has not faced any legal consequences for his actions, as police have yet to go beyond four admen and one bureaucrat in their bid to punish those responsible for the waste of tens of millions of dollars in public funds.

* Canada will be a bilingual country when Quebec is. Does this article echo your thoughts?

7Up ruling proof it's time to let Quebec go – Calgary Herald

    To paraphrase F. Scott Fitzgerald, the French are not like you and me. They are a very different sort of people, and in the main they don’t care if they don’t play well with other Canadians. They call their legislature in Quebec City a National Assembly, and their premier a prime minister. They conduct themselves politically as a separate nation, except of course for all that money they get from the rest of us.

I was at the unity rally in Montreal in 1995 before the referendum. I helped keep Quebec in Canada back then, but I wouldn’t go to the rally now.

Unity rally in Montreal. October 27 1995

* That’s $25 I’ll never see again.

Canada sells remaining stake in Chrysler – Financial Post

    With the sale, the Canadian governments will exit their investment in Chrysler a little more than two years after the bailout. Ottawa and Ontario have received $2.09-billion, including $250-million interest, of the original $2.9-billion lent to both the old and new Chrysler. That leaves taxpayers on the hook for about $810-million for the automaker’s bailouts.

Buy a Ford.

* Everyone was shocked when hearing about the massacre in Oslo. Only a mentally disturbed person could commit this type of crime.

It didn’t take long for some nut to make an absurd conclusion. (Via: small dead animals)

Anders Behring Breivik: The first climate denier mass murderer?

    But one has to at least ask: does this mark the day when climate deniers, spurred on by their right-wing propaganda and paranoid fear of anyone on the left, moved from waving nooses in people’s faces to actual terrorism, from threatening children to killing children?

I’m surprised it hasn’t been blamed on Sarah Palin.

* Hockey doesn’t interest me all that much, but did Winnipeg ever blow it with this. Truly awful.

What do you think?

* Are you hooked on the internet? Addicted to it? You might not be alone.

People deprived of the internet feel 'upset and lonely' and find going offline as hard as quitting smoking or drinking – Mail Online

    A new study has revealed that 53 per cent feel upset when denied access and 40 per cent feel lonely if they are unable to go online.
    The research found that people experience these feelings even if denied online access for a short time.

Today on ‘Deep Cuts & Lost Classics’… I would suggest you avoid this song if you have a raging hangover. Man this band was tight. Be patient, there’s a long lead in.
King Crimson – 21st Century Schizoid Man

More Later.


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  1. Cadel Evans with a brilliant ride today. Alberto Contador came out swinging and he answered the call and then some.

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