For Your Consideration – October 26th

* I’m writing this at 12:33pm on October 25th. Here are my predictions for council.

Bob Kilger

Denis Thibault
Denis Carr
Bernadette Clement
Elaine MacDonald
Glen Grant
Andre Rivette
David Murphy
Todd Bennett
Leslie Oshaughnessy
Mike Bedard

8 out of 10. Not too shabby… and major respect to Syd Gardiner who did very well and was re-elected. I shouldn’t have doubted you.

The results show that most people think things in Cornwall are running rather smoothly. Seven of the eight remaining councillors are back and the mayor remains the same. We expect big things in the next four years. Now, about the geese in the park.

* The real story of the election? 41% voter turnout. To the 59% who stayed home… I would like to thank you on behalf of the voters in town for placing such trust in our judgment. We know we have superior minds because we took ten minutes to vote yesterday.

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* Thanks to Calvin, Bill, Chris, Richard and the crew from TVCogeco for the fun on Monday night. Also well done to Todd Lalonde, Bill Kingston and Ed Allard. Kudos to Lorne Wiebe for holding down the fort at The Cornwall Daily. A1 coverage that was second to none. Without a doubt the only place to go for election coverage.

* Bang on analysis from Ezra Levant.

Coddled Khadr – Toronto Sun

    Canada gives criminals credit for time in custody before trial. The eight years he has been in Guantanamo Bay means he’ll be out by next Christmas.
    He’ll be busy: Hitting the campus lecture circuit; strategizing against CSIS with his lawyers; maybe driving slowly by Jewish synagogues and schools.
    He’ll become a CBC pundit. Maybe a star candidate for the NDP.
    It’s certain he’ll be the first murderer nominated for the Order of Canada. It’s less certain that nomination will be denied.

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* The post-racial president.

Obama: Republicans ‘Gotta Sit in the Back’ – Pajamas Media

    He said Republicans had driven the economy into a ditch and then stood by and criticized while Democrats pulled it out. Now that progress has been made, he said, “we can’t have special interests sitting shotgun. We gotta have middle class families up in front. We don’t mind the Republicans joining us. They can come for the ride, but they gotta sit in back.
    Rosa Parks could not be reached for comment.

* Face it warmers… it’s the beginning of the end. A good read.

What Will the Climb-Down Look Like? – Talking About the Weather

    Here’s something that you can bring to the bank: With regard to global warming, the major purveyors of news in the industrialized world will be climbing down from their various versions of frenzied alarmism. Here’s something else that you can bring to your banker: the climb-down will be sneaky. On the other hand, when the series of editorial re-positionings is visible to casual members of the public at all, it will be beyond awkward.
    How do I know? Because the process has already begun.


* Must be global warming.

Indonesia hit by deadly tsunami, volcanic eruption – Taiwan News

* It saddens me that despicable people like this exist.

Nurse caught on CCTV turning off paralysed patient's life support machine –

    Footage recorded only a few days after it was installed shows Miss Aylward fiddling with the ventilator before a high-pitched warning tone sounds, indicating it is switched off.
    It was not until 21 minutes later that paramedics who rushed to the scene managed to turn the life support machine back on.

* Enjoy.

On ‘Deep Cuts & Lost Classics’ today… ‘Dire Straits‘… and let’s go back to the beginning. Trust me, I love all of Dire Straits catalog, but I have a warm place in my heart for their first album, simply called ‘Dire Straits‘. Of course it had ‘Sultans of Swing’, but this record was full of gems… ‘In The Gallery’, ‘Six Blade Knife’, ‘Settin’ Me Up’ and the terrific ‘Down To the Waterline’. Why was this album so good? You can tell it was done on a budget. Later Straits albums were lush and filled with sound. The gaps and holes on the first album are what make it brilliant. Today on ‘DC & LC’ my all time favourite song by Dire Straits… ‘Water Of Love’. Enjoy!
Dire Straits – Water of Love

More later.


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