For Your Consideration – October 19th

* I’m feeling a bit better today, but my blog will have to stay relatively quiet for another day. Sleep is more important.

* Here’s a great read from Ezra Levant.

So much for Obama's allegiance to us – Toronto Sun

    What did we do to earn this passionate indifference from our closest friend?
    No other nation has shed proportionately as much blood in Afghanistan as we have, not even the magnificent British. Is there a more reliable friend, ally or generous trading partner than us? Have we not opened up our oil pipelines to them? Did we not go along with their foolish bailout of General Motors?
    What more did we have to do for a mere vote?

* No, it’s not a terrorist attack.

    At a weekend air show in the skies above San Francisco, a low-level flyover of a United Airlines jumbo jet got mixed reviews.
    According to a blog post on the San Francisco Chronicle’s website, some spectators were thrilled by the stunt, others were offended and reminded of 9/11.

* I love when “green” backfires.

German "heatball" wheeze outwits EU light bulb ban – Reuters

    A German entrepreneur is bypassing a European Union ban on light bulbs of more than 60 watts by marketing his own brand as mini heaters.
    Siegfried Rotthaeuser and his brother-in-law have come up with a legal way of importing and distributing 75 and 100 watt light bulbs — by producing them in China, importing them as “small heating devices” and selling them as “heatballs.”


* First Barbara Billingsley and now one of the greatest Dad’s on TV.

'Happy Days' Dad Tom Bosley Dies- Fox News

    Tom Bosley, the actor who played mild-mannered hardware store owner Howard Cunningham on the classic sitcom ‘Happy Days,’ died on Tuesday, his agent confirmed.
    Bosley was 83.
    His family said Bosley died of heart failure at a hospital near his Palm Springs home. Bosley’s agent said he was also battling lung cancer.

Here is an entire episode from Happy Days. It includes some great fatherly advice from Mr. C.


More later.


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